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Business Opportunity

High business referrals that enables good business network and profits expansion. In UNMAI, we are rest assured that there’ll be plenty of business opportunity that’s exclusively referred to members only.


UNMAI nurtures their members to be more intellectually polished in bringing themselves into corporate world, confidently. This is again not only a platform to expand your business, but also to prepare yourself to experience greater level as a professional.

Exclusive Classification

UNMAI practices high level of membership exclusiveness when comes to their profession / industry classifications. This is simply to ensure no conflicts in business and to practice more focused referral activities.

International Access

UNMAI is affiliated in many countries. Our annual activities will create more opportunities to the members to be engaged with international entrepreneurs on a larger scale of business.

Network that goes beyond business relationships!

Indian Entrepreneurs were cherished once upon a time! We have lost the glorious days, and today we are not highly regarded as reliable workers. This has to stop, and we have to be the change that we’ve been craving for.

UNMAI is an effort of many entrepreneurs, particularly the local Indians who is trying to great bigger impact in the business growth in the Indian community in Malaysia. We gather every week to engage, share and refer business contacts. We share business experiences, and we also do step in sincerely to help whenever there’s a member is in need.

Are you an Indian Entrepreneur in Malaysia? Then, you’ve got all the reasons to be part of us!

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