About Us


New age of networking that goes beyond business relationships! This is a joint effort by established businessmen, budding entrepreneurs and new age visionaries.

We are committed to the betterment of the local Indian business community and   growth of Malaysian Indian owned businesses and social engineering by meeting weekly to share similar experiences.

By sharing and referring business, we intend to further the fortunes and capabilities of this group. Not only for business growth but also to further the local Indian social engineering and uplifting the local Indian presence in the community at large by focusing on better work and business ethics.

Meetings are held weekly and our aim is to discipline and focus the group by starting the meetings by punctually starting at 7. 30pm with a meeting run time of 1.5 hours. We believe that to be agents of change, we need to control our time effectively so we are better enabled to take control of all expectations and challenges around us!

UNMAI Entrepreneurs was founded on 22nd April 2015 with the sole aim to support the growth of the business industry among the Indian Community in Malaysia.



To serve as a main conduit for all Indian Entrepreneurs in Malaysia

Act as an agent of change to bring about effective, reliable and ethical business dealings for all members and the business community at large.

Bring about skills training and further the education agenda for all members.



To increase the success rate on a monthly basis in every Indian Entrepreneurs business transactions.

Increase community awareness on UNMAI

Concentrate on training and education for members