Meeting Concepts

Our Profitable Concept

Guest Introduction

This is a session when the members will be introducing their respective guests, where guests are allowed to visit twice before deciding to be a member.

 Self Presentation

All Members will be given approximately two (2) minutes to introduce themselves, their business and their expected referrals for the particular week.

Business Presentation

This is an important session which every member will be given a opportunity to present their business respectively within 10minutes.

Face to Face

This is a session for members to update their meetings held during the week before the meeting. This is highly practiced in UNMAI which seems to be one of the big reason why our members are so close and united.


This is a session when members could provide referrals as per the members expectation.

Thanking Members

This is meant for one of our prideful session that all businesses that were done through UNMAI referrals. Members will officially thank and declare the quantum made of our the referrals.